Integration Development

Supercharge your Software with Third-Party Services

Graphic displaying the whole software development process cycle from idea over marketing and testing to presentation.

Sending e-mails, inventory, billing – nowadays a software must work with a lot of data and functions from other systems. The goal of modern applications is to link different data from different sources. Therefore, the integration and use of interfaces are important aspects.

Many vendors offer APIs for seamless integration of software solutions. These APIs can be consumed by your own application. However, this creates dependencies that can have an impact on the availability of your product.

To be able to establish the links, but to be independent of failures or maintenance work of other systems, I worked a lot with the enterprise service bus solution “NServiceBus”, which ensures reliable communication between various services. Thanks to the integrated mechanisms for retrying the request in case of an error and the central access to all messages, anomalies could be detected earlier and requests that were not received could be retriggered.

In my projects so far, I have mainly connected RESTful APIs, OData interfaces or GraphQL services. Among other things, a big focus was on the integration of SAP interfaces for reading data or triggering processes. Here, asynchronous communication is especially important to minimize the impact of maintenance work on the SAP system on the own application.

To harmonize data in ETL processes, I worked with Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory solution, which enables the integration of various data sources.

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