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I support you in the development of modern and high-quality .NET software on premise or in the Azure cloud

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Whether you are an innovative start-up in the SaaS area or an established company with a complex digitization project to increase efficiency – I help you to develop individual software in a modern and scalable way, thanks to tailor-made development in C# .NET and Azure Cloud technologies. Using my extensive language skills, I support smooth project collaboration across national borders.

See my backend develoment services

Backend Development

Developing new services or extending existing ones using C# and the platform-independent open source framework .NET

See my cloud development services

Cloud Service Technologies

First-class scalability and efficient development through the use of PaaS services

Explore my function as a service (or FaaS) offer

FaaS – Function as a Service

Fast and scalable development of business requirements using serverless computing technologies

Discover my test driven development services

TDD – Test Driven Development

High quality software achieved by a test-first approach

Explore my development services in distributed software architecture

Distributed architectures

Scale, deploy, and develop different parts of applications independently with microservices implementation

See my integration development skills and services

Integration Development

Drive digitization by connecting multiple existing systems

About Me

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As a passionate software developer, I deal with the implementation of new functions for web applications. In doing so, I pay attention to high quality and easy maintainability. By using cloud technologies, I make software scalable and simplify development.

I enjoy working as part of a team on a project to collaboratively develop a world-class product, and I’m happy to hear from any user whose experience I can improve while using the software.

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What customers and employers say about me:

“Nicolas Wazulek has excellent and also in-depth expertise in peripheral areas, which he always brings to our company in a highly profitable way.”

LEW Service & Consulting GmbH (Web Development Department)

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My Latest Articles

  • TDD in Practice: How you can actually use it
    Are you looking to improve the code quality of your software development projects? Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a proven approach that can help you achieve this goal. In this step-by-step guide, I will walk you through the process of implementing TDD in your projects, from creating basic tests to continuous code refactoring. Let’s dive in! … Read more
  • The Benefits of Test-Driven Development (TDD) in Software Development
    Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a software development methodology that has gained popularity in recent years. Rooted in Extreme Programming (XP – see, it’s an integral part of agile software development. TDD not only enhances software quality and reliability but also improves maintainability and scalability of the code. It also assists developers in focusing on … Read more
  • Develop Scalable Applications with the Right Database: Azure Cosmos DB
    Cloud technologies have changed the everyday life of developers in recent years and are being used in more and more applications. One particular cloud-based database technology that I have taken a closer look at in recent weeks is Azure Cosmos DB. In this article, I would like to present the advantages of this technology and … Read more
  • Fascinating New Technologies – My Takeaways From The Web Developer Conference 2023 In Hamburg
    Three days of Web Developer Conference in Hamburg. With many workshops, talks and dev sessions, the innovations in web development were presented. As different as the formats were, as extensive were the topics. From Clean Code to innovations in technology to AI with ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot. Nothing was left out.
  • Connecting Strapi with GitHub to regenerate my website
    Strapi is a great open source headless CMS. Therefore, websites are not directly connected to it. But how can I get my content continuously from Strapi to my website? Today I want to share my thoughts with you and show you the way I made it work for me.
  • How to deploy a productive Strapi instance on Azure (fast)
    You’re looking for a performant way to host your website with a CMS? You will quickly come across Strapi. Where the documentation is still ok during development, it could be better for the productive implementation. In this article I want to describe the steps to get your Strapi instance up and running in Azure.


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