About me

Who am I?

I started my career in IT in 2013 as an IT specialist trainee in the LEW Group, an energy supply company in Bavarian Swabia. During and after my apprenticeship, I worked in various areas of IT, such as administration and SAP development. Since 2019, I have been working in web development, where I continue to develop the backend services of web applications in C# and .NET in the microservices environment. In addition to design, development, error analysis and troubleshooting, I have also accompanied working students and trained apprentices in the field of software development in my job.

Freely following the motto “It’s better to develop together”, I have already worked with many people in different and cross-functional teams. I see the exchange of ideas with other people as a great opportunity to learn and to grow.

Profile Image of Nicolas Wazulek with a blue sweater, a white shirt and glasses.

In my spare time, I love to travel and learn new languages and cultures. English, French and Spanish are all on my bucket list, and as a fan of France, my next trip to our beautiful neighboring country is already in the planning stages. You can also find me sailing or swimming in my free time. Since 2023 I also have the sport boat license in my pocket.

What drives me?

High-quality development that can be maintained and expanded even after years is important to me. In my experience, the initial effort in the conception pays off in quality and further development.

IT is constantly changing, and new technologies are not only exciting, but can help to better manage existing problems or simplify development. That’s why I like to try out new things and implement suitable solutions in applications I’m working on.

Seeing users enjoying the features I develop makes me proud and motivates me to deliver the best product possible.

What constitutes good performance for me?

To me, good performance means taking pride in the work we do as a team and standing behind what we do. I also see it as being able to adapt and be flexible with new circumstances.

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